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Kothari Astro Edutainment is an organization pioneering in providing an enriching learning experience to students who are curious about astronomy. We believe that the young brains of our country can be ignited through experiential learning. At Kothari Astro Edutainment, we call it “Edutainment” i.e. learning along with entertainment. We also believe in making it accessible to all. To achieve this, we focus on using technology to make the experiential learning mobile so that we can bring it to your doorstep, may it be your school or summer camps or events or malls or even birthdays.

Digital Planetariums are becoming a mainstay in astronomy education.

In less than one year, Kothari Astro Edutainment has achieved the humongous feat of reaching out to 1000+ far-fetched schools, impacting a staggering crowd of 1,00,000+ littlest learners.

Space is one place we humans really haven’t been; except for few astronauts. Implementing virtual reality in the planetarium can allow visitors to explore almost anywhere they would want to go.
An immersive edutainment center for kids!
While astronomy has recently re-emerged in many science curricula, there remain unresolved teaching and learning difficulties peculiar to astronomy education. We argue that mental model building, the core process in astronomy itself, should be reflected in astronomy education. The only way that can happen is through these planetariums!

One of the best Outreach programs so far:

Kothari Astro Edutainment mission is to drive transformation among kids by playing a leading role in reaching out to schools through digital planetarium shows; enhance immersive learning in kids through science / technology kits and innovative outreach programs.


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