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This huge state-of-the-art six-meter digital mobile planetarium cinema dome can bring the 360° experience into your school.
The dome is easy to transport and quick to set up. It comes with an astronomy expert who can present live planetarium cinema shows and/or play 360° full dome films on a variety of topics.

Astronomy education is easier with planetariums so children at interior areas are also benefited with Mobile Planetarium system. We accommodate 35-50 Students in one show. We cover 500 students in one day.

Why Mobile Planetarium

The children based near to a Planetarium can visit there and get the planetarium experience. But for the children in the interior area always miss this experience.

So with the Mobile planetarium, it is possible to reach to these children and give them the same experience and education that is available in bigger planetarium.

Best For Schools, Summer Camps, Events

A Mobile Digital Planetarium is destined to being portable educational environment for almost all topics. The Shows can be conducted at school at any available time and hence the time is not wasted.


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